The abstract review committee for the upcoming Workshop in Bariloche has completed review of over 60 submitted abstracts. Each was thoroughly reviewed.
Due to constraints of time and to ensure that a maximum number of participants could present at this year’s workshop, poster presentations are considered.
Of the 60 abstract submissions, we could only schedule 38 talks. All the other accepted abstracts have been offered the option of summarizing their workshop in a poster presentation.

We believe posters are a preferred format for sharing research findings as they facilitate relaxed one-to one discussion. All posters will be displayed during the 3-day workshop. Each poster presentation will be assigned one day. There will be 1Hour and 30 minutes for poster discussion on Monday and Tuesday with no other activities scheduled during poster sessions.

Poster size: 0,80 cm wide and 1,20 m high.


It is a requirement of the congress that all presenting authors of the accepted abstract register to attend the congress at the appropriate rate. On acceptance of the abstract for a talk, the presenting author must register before the Final program on April 15th, 2015. Failure to do so will result in their abstract being removed from the program.


  • Centrifugation (cascading)
  • Stable isotopes for double beta decay experiments
  • Laser isotope separation
  • Non proliferation
  • Basic phenomena and new trends in separation
  • Gaseous Diffusion



Authors are requested to submit two files: 1_ The Abstract (e.g.: (1) Corresponding-Authors_Abstract.doc) of their work and 2_Corresponding-Authors.xls, fulfilled by e-mail to

The abstract should comply with the following terms:

  • English language.
  • Title and authors' names (underline the name of the author going to present the paper), mailing address.


25 minutes are allocated for each presentation (incl. 5 minutes for discussion). The presentation language is English.


1. Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF are the recommended formats for the presentations.
2. If you want or you are obligated to use other formats (for example Open Document Format), please let us know early enough. If we don´t have the ability to run your presentation, you`ll be asked to convert it into PowerPoint or PDF format or you will have to use your own device.
3. Using personal laptop for the presentation is possible, but not recommended.
4. Right before your session (approx. 20 min., during Coffee Break) you should contact the technical staff in the session.
5. Please provide your presentation on CD or USB stick. It will be copied to the presentation PC. You will also have an opportunity to check your presentation. If you want to use your own laptop, please let us know before the session starts. It is highly recommended to check if your laptop works properly with the projector during coffee break.